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71454 Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot

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21 June 2024
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£10.18 on 20 June 2024
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7 years
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Brickset, Rebrickable, Bricklink

Let children aged 7 and above immerse themselves in the captivating world of dreams with the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot (71454) building toy set. Inspired by the thrilling adventures depicted on the DREAMZzz TV show, this set allows children to transform Z-Blob into a sleek and formidable robot, aiding Mateo in his mission to rescue Jayden from the clutches of a terrifying nightmare monster.

This versatile set offers not one, but two exciting building options. The impressive Z-Blob robot boasts a fully articulated torso, arms, and legs, providing children with endless possibilities for dynamic poses and recreating thrilling scenes from the TV show. With the included accessories, children can equip Z-Blob with hand and shoulder blasters for intense combat or attach a jetpack and helmet for high-flying adventures. This flexibility encourages children to unleash their imaginations and double the fun during playtime.

To bring the action to life, the set features detailed minifigures of Mateo and Jayden. These intricately designed characters come with their own unique accessories, including a belt, pencil staff, and hourglass, which hold significant importance to their roles in the TV show. With these minifigures, children can immerse themselves in the gripping storyline and embark on thrilling rescue missions alongside Mateo and Z-Blob.

The set also includes additional elements that enhance the overall play experience. A menacing nightmare monster and the bed from which Jayden is kidnapped add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the rescue mission. These elements allow children to recreate pivotal moments from the TV show and engage in imaginative storytelling.

Designed for children aged 7 and above, this LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot (71454) building toy set provides hours of solo or group play. Whether children prefer to embark on thrilling adventures alone or share the excitement with friends, this set guarantees endless fun and entertainment.

With a height of over 16 cm (6 in.), Z-Blob the robot stands tall and commands attention. Its imposing presence adds an extra level of excitement to playtime, allowing children to feel like true heroes as they navigate the dream world and overcome obstacles.

To ensure a seamless building experience, the set includes story-led building instructions. These step-by-step instructions guide children through the construction process, making it easy for them to bring Z-Blob and the accompanying elements to life. For added convenience, the building instructions are also available digitally in the LEGO® Builder app, providing children with multiple options to access the guidance they need.

As with all LEGO® products, this set guarantees premium quality and safety. LEGO® bricks are meticulously designed to connect consistently, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction every time. Additionally, LEGO® bricks undergo rigorous testing to meet stringent safety requirements, providing parents with peace of mind while their children engage in imaginative play.

This LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot (71454) building toy set is the perfect gift for children aged 7 and above who are fans of the DREAMZzz TV show. Its captivating characters, versatile building options, and immersive play experience make it an ideal choice for birthdays or any occasion that calls for a special treat.

Let your child's imagination soar as they enter the enchanting dream world with Mateo and Z-Blob. With this LEGO® set, children can create their own thrilling adventures, rescue Jayden from the clutches of the nightmare monster, and become the heroes of their own dreams.