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10989 Water Park

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March 29, 2024
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$31.99 on October 22, 2023
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2 years
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Brickset, Rebrickable, Bricklink

The LEGO® DUPLO® Town Water Park (10989) is the ultimate bath toy for toddlers aged 2 and above. This vibrant water park set transforms bath time into an exciting learning experience, where little ones can explore and have fun. Not only does it introduce young water enthusiasts to numbers and help develop their pouring skills, but it is also designed for easy cleaning and convenient storage.

This interactive toy is packed with imaginative play opportunities that will keep your child engaged and entertained. The set includes a flexible palm tree that can be grown using the 1-2-3 number bricks. Kids can fill the tree's bucket with water and splash the adorable child figure. They can also send the little bather down the water slide and launch them onto the cute turtle floatie. By filling up the cloud, children can make it rain down on all the fun elements, adding an extra element of excitement to their playtime.

Parents will appreciate the practical design of this LEGO DUPLO bath toy. It is specifically created to allow grown-ups to share in their child's joyful journey of exploration. When bath time is over, the floating ring can be easily opened by adults for quick drying, ensuring a hygienically clean bath toy for the next play session.

The Water Park (10989) is not just a fun toy, but also an educational tool that helps toddlers develop number recognition and fine motor skills. It offers a fantastic opportunity for children to learn while having a splash in the tub. The set includes a floating island and turtle ring, a flexible palm tree, a water bucket, an octopus slide, two child figures, a sea star, and rain-cloud pourers. With these elements, children can build their skills and learn numbers as they stack bricks to make the tree grow and explore the various features of the water park.

This LEGO set makes an excellent gift for preschoolers aged 2 and up, whether it's for birthdays, special occasions, or just because. It provides a hands-on treat that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end. The Water Park (10989) measures over 8. 5 inches (22 cm) high, 10 inches (25 cm) wide, and 7. 5 inches (19 cm) deep, making it a substantial playset that offers plenty of room for imaginative play.

To enhance the building experience, the LEGO® Builder app features a digital version of the building instructions included with this set. This digital guide provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building process.

LEGO DUPLO toys are expertly designed to help toddlers meet important developmental milestones and nurture their imaginations through creative play. The Water Park (10989) is no exception, offering consistent quality and adhering to stringent industry standards. Since 1969, LEGO DUPLO toys have been crafted to be easy for little fingers to pick up, place, and pull apart, ensuring a frustration-free play experience.

Safety is of utmost importance, and LEGO DUPLO sets undergo rigorous testing to meet demanding global safety standards. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the bricks and pieces in this set have been thoroughly tested to ensure their child's safety during play.

In conclusion, the LEGO DUPLO Town Water Park (10989) is the perfect bath toy for toddlers aged 2 and above. With its vibrant colors, interactive features, and educational benefits, it offers a fun and engaging playtime experience. This set is not only easy to clean and store, but it also encourages the development of important skills such as number recognition and fine motor skills. Treat your little one to this fantastic water park set and watch as they embark on a joyful journey of exploration and learning.