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76193 The Guardians’ Ship

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June 7, 2024
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$93.09 on November 19, 2023
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14 years
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Super Heroes, Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy
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LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193) spaceship building set is perfect for anyone aged 14 and up who is serious about the Marvel Avengers movies, LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy superhero toy sets, or just loves building cool large LEGO set models. Fans can recreate the authentic detail and awesome style of one of the most iconic spaceships from the Marvel Avengers movies. The opening cockpit has room for all the LEGO Marvel minifigures included in the set: Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri warrior. Fun features include a weapon store, computer, and a place for the heroes to snack on coffee and donuts. A rotatable stand allows the spaceship to be positioned for dynamic display and endless imaginative adventures. It makes a great Guardians of the Galaxy gift that looks super cool on display in any kid's room.

Indulge a child's passion for the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Avengers movies with the stunning LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193). This impressive spaceship building set includes Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and Chitauri warrior LEGO minifigures, along with cool weapons and accessories. With a total of 1901 pieces, this model-making project transports kids into a universe of imaginative adventures. And when the action stops, the spaceship looks stunning displayed on its rotatable stand.

The ship, including the stand, measures over 9 inches (25 cm) high, 14 inches (36 cm) long, and 23 inches (59 cm) wide. It stands securely on a sturdy, rotatable base, allowing for easy positioning and display. The attention to detail in this LEGO set is remarkable, capturing the essence of the Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship from the Marvel Avengers movies.

LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193) is not just a toy; it is a build-and-display piece that will impress any model-making enthusiast or fan of the Marvel Universe aged 14 and up. Whether it's a birthday gift, Christmas present, or personal treat, this set is sure to bring joy to any LEGO lover. The large size and intricate design make it a standout piece that will be admired by all who see it.

LEGO components are known for their premium quality and adherence to stringent industry standards. They are consistent, compatible, and connect and pull apart correctly every time. This commitment to quality has been a hallmark of LEGO since 1958. The components undergo rigorous testing, including being dropped, heated, crushed, twisted, and analyzed to ensure they fulfill global safety standards. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that LEGO sets are safe for their children to play with.

LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193) is part of a range of building toys that provide young superheroes with endless imaginative play possibilities. The LEGO Marvel Avengers building kits allow kids to relive scenes from their favorite Marvel movies and embark on thrilling superhero roleplay adventures. The Guardians' Ship set is a fantastic addition to any LEGO collection, offering hours of creative play and display opportunities.

In conclusion, the LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193) is a must-have for any fan of the Marvel Avengers movies or LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy superhero toy sets. With its authentic detail, awesome style, and impressive size, this spaceship building set will captivate builders and collectors alike. The included minifigures, weapons, and accessories add to the play value, allowing kids to recreate their favorite scenes and embark on imaginative adventures. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or just a personal treat, this LEGO set is sure to bring joy and excitement to any LEGO enthusiast aged 14 and up. So get ready to blast off into a universe of fun with the LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship (76193)!