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41811 Hogwarts™ Desktop Kit

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July 16, 2024
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$28.75 on February 18, 2024
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8 years
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Harry Potter, Dots
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Give creative Harry Potter fans fun ways to show off their Hogwarts house pride and keep their desk tidy with the LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit (41811) crafts set. Designed for fast assembly and endless decoration, this set lets kids aged 8 plus years old create and experiment to their heart's content.

This imaginative Harry Potter buildable toy arts and crafts set features four different room decor desk accessories: a Golden Snitch note holder, a LEGO DOTS photo frame with decorative add-ons, a scarf-shaped tray, and a lockable secret jewelry box. The set also includes an 8x8 adhesive patch and plenty of tiles, including 10 out of a possible 16 randomly decorated tiles. With inspiration included to help spark kids' creative fun and guidance for assembling the four items, this set is perfect for unleashing their imagination.

DOTS sets introduce kids to the joy of LEGO play as they make and personalize the accessories, because the magic and control lie in a child's imagination. This set fulfills a child's passion for art and design while helping them keep a tidy desk with the ultimate back-to-school supplies kit. It's a great Harry Potter-themed gift for kids aged 8+ years old.

The standing photo frame measures over 15 cm (5. 5 in.) high and 9 cm (3. 5 in.) wide, providing the perfect display for a favorite back-to-school photo or keepsake. With 856 pieces included, there are endless possibilities for creativity and customization.

This LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit is not only a fun and engaging activity, but it also encourages kids to express themselves and develop their design skills. The different desk items are designed to encourage kids' self-expression, allowing them to create fun Harry Potter-inspired designs with the included tiles. The set offers bite-sized chances to build children's ingenuity through fun, helping them gain design confidence and imaginative fun.

The kit is designed for easy assembly and endless decoration, making it the perfect creative outlet for kids. The included inspiration in the package helps inspire kids' designs and imagination, while the adhesive patch and tiles allow for endless customization. Whether they want to create a magical scene with the Golden Snitch note holder or showcase their favorite Hogwarts memories in the photo frame, this set offers plenty of opportunities for creative expression.

With its Harry Potter theme, this LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit is sure to delight fans of the wizarding world. Kids can show off their Hogwarts house pride and keep their desk tidy with this back-to-school supplies set. The set includes a Golden Snitch note holder, a photo frame, a secret box, and more, all designed to bring the magic of Harry Potter to life.

The LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit is a fantastic way for kids to engage in imaginative play and develop their artistic skills. It introduces them to the joy of LEGO play, allowing them to make and personalize the accessories according to their own unique vision. The set encourages open creativity and provides a platform for kids to express themselves through art and design.

With its 856 pieces, this LEGO set offers hours of entertainment and creative exploration. Kids can let their imagination run wild as they assemble and decorate the four room decor items. The set includes plenty of tiles, including 10 exclusive mosaic tiles with Harry Potter-inspired designs, allowing kids to create their own magical world.

Not only is this LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit a fun and engaging activity, but it also helps kids develop important skills such as fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity. It provides a hands-on experience that allows kids to explore their artistic abilities and express themselves in a unique and personal way.

So, whether you're a fan of Harry Potter or simply love building and creating, this LEGO DOTS Hogwarts Desktop Kit is the perfect addition to your collection. Unleash your creativity, show off your Hogwarts house pride, and keep your desk tidy with this magical set. Let your imagination soar and create a world of endless possibilities with LEGO.