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41743 Hair Salon

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December 10, 2023
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$22.96 on August 12, 2023
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6 years
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The LEGO Friends Hair Salon (41743) is a delightful toy set that will captivate the imagination of children aged 6 and up. This creative building set tells the heartwarming story of Paisley, a shy girl who is anxious about getting her hair cut because she is unsure of what style will suit her. Luckily, her kind friend Olly is there to offer reassurance and support.

The set features three mini-dolls from the LEGO Friends 2023 series - Paisley, Olly, and Nadia. Kids can join these lovable characters on an exciting adventure in Heartlake City as they head to Nadia's hair salon on Olly's toy scooter to create a fabulous new look for Paisley. The hair salon is filled with wonderful details, including washing and styling areas, a gumball machine, and an array of hairdressing accessories. Outside the salon, there is a scooter parking area and a bench where the friends can relax and chat.

One of the highlights of this set is the ability to change Paisley's hairstyle and facial expression. Kids can swap out her hairpiece and adjust her facial expression to show the different looks she has before and after her trip to the hair salon. This feature adds an extra layer of storytelling and creativity to the play experience.

To enhance the fun, children can also enjoy an easy and intuitive building adventure with the LEGO Builder app. This app allows kids to zoom in and rotate the models in 3D, save their progress, and track their building skills. It provides a modern and interactive way for children to engage with their LEGO sets and develop their building abilities.

The LEGO Friends universe has expanded to introduce the next generation of Heartlake City, offering new characters and locations to inspire even more imaginative play. This Hair Salon set is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion. It provides children aged 6 and up with the opportunity to build, play, and explore their creativity in a fun and engaging way.

The Hair Salon itself measures over 5. 5 inches (14 cm) in height, 9. 5 inches (25 cm) in width, and 3. 5 inches (9 cm) in depth. It is a compact and manageable size that can easily fit into any play area or be displayed on a shelf. The set contains 401 pieces, ensuring hours of building enjoyment.

Safety is a top priority for LEGO, and all components of this set meet strict industry standards. The bricks and pieces have been rigorously tested, including being dropped, heated, crushed, twisted, and analyzed, to ensure they meet stringent global safety regulations. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing with a high-quality and safe product.

The LEGO Friends Hair Salon set is not only a fantastic building toy but also a tool for developing important skills. Children can enhance their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and fine motor skills as they construct the salon and engage in imaginative play. LEGO sets have been inspiring children since 1958, and this Hair Salon set continues that tradition of providing a fun and educational play experience.

In summary, the LEGO Friends Hair Salon (41743) is a delightful building set that will ignite the imagination of children aged 6 and up. With its charming characters, detailed salon, and interactive features, this set offers endless opportunities for creative play. Whether children are exploring the world of Heartlake City, creating new hairstyles for Paisley, or building their own hair salon stories, this LEGO set is sure to provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.