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31206 The Rolling Stones

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22 February 2024
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£70.00 on 26 January 2023
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18 years
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Brickset, Rebrickable, Bricklink

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Rolling Stones with the LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206) set. This arts and crafts set is perfect for fans of rock & roll and The Rolling Stones, allowing you to create one of the most iconic band logos ever. As you build, you'll be able to pay homage to this legendary rock band, clicking each piece into place to recreate their iconic logo in 3D.

This immersive LEGO set includes 1, 998 pieces, including 9 brick baseplates, a Rolling Stones signature tile, a brick-built frame, a brick remover, and 2 hanger elements. The set is designed for display, allowing you to proudly showcase your creation on your wall at home or in the office. Measuring over 22 inches (57 cm) high and 18. 5 inches (47 cm) wide, this LEGO Art set is a striking piece of wall decor that will catch the eye of any music lover.

To enhance your building experience, the set comes with a QR code that allows you to access a specially curated Soundtrack. With almost an hour of content, the Soundtrack immerses you in the project, providing in-depth details about the art and creating a state of inspired musical focus. As you listen to the Soundtrack, you can relive favorite memories from The Rolling Stones' stunning career, making the building process even more enjoyable.

The coffee-table-quality instructions guide you through the project, ensuring a smooth and satisfying building experience. The instructions also serve as a visual reminder of The Rolling Stones' incredible journey, allowing you to reminisce about their iconic performances and timeless music.

LEGO Art Sets for Adults are designed to provide a space for relaxation and creative expression. Whether you're a fan of music, travel, gaming, sports, science, technology, motorsports, or history, LEGO Sets for Adults offer a range of detailed art pieces that pay homage to various aspects of popular culture. These hobby projects allow you to explore your passion for creative arts and crafts while creating unique and meaningful pieces of art.

LEGO building pieces are known for their high quality and consistency. Since 1958, LEGO has maintained strict quality standards to ensure that every piece is compatible and works perfectly. Safety is also a top priority, with LEGO pieces undergoing rigorous testing to meet strict safety standards. This ensures that the Rolling Stones wall decor piece is completely robust and safe for display.

The LEGO Art The Rolling Stones set is not only a great addition to your own collection but also makes a fantastic gift for anyone who is into music and appreciates the legendary band. Whether it's a birthday or Christmas gift, this set is sure to bring joy to fans of The Rolling Stones and lovers of music and canvas wall art.

So, unleash your creativity and embark on a journey to pay tribute to The Rolling Stones with this LEGO Art set. Create a stunning art piece of the band's logo, display it with pride on your wall, and let the music of The Rolling Stones inspire you as you build.